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Welcome to izmir davetiye

Europe and Turkey. Invitations, Wedding Favors, Henna Invitation
You can have custom order by Applying the method.

Order Now Over the Internet
After like invitations
1. Code and quantity of invitations to be printed
2. Bride and Groom's Name
3. the text to be written invitation
4. Parents Bride and Groom name (surname or family, or if you want to print, how)
5 Wedding / Engagement / Henna Date, Time Info
6. Wedding / Engagement / Henna's done that room name, address or identification

Please send us e-mail this information: isbas@hotmail.com

Then you information you send us, we are working in this figure.
1. We do the design of the invitation with the information you provide.
2. Invitations Draft 1 sample is being prepared on the computer.
3. Data Control we send to you.
4. We do the necessary corrections from you.
5. We send you by e-mail for your confirmation again
6. After confirming we want you to make payments to the account number found on our site.
7. We Ready for Printing Streamlines your invitation.
8. Invitations is getting our printing press. We are sending you by courier and we are contracted.
Please be sure to carefully read all the data is written after approval.
E-mail to order:  isbas@hotmail.com
Tel: +90232 441 72 33 / TURKEY